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The Wait

The wait.
How do I live well in the wait?
He spoke the promise.
I heard it.
It was His voice.
But the wait makes His voice fade.
I start to doubt.
I start to wonder.
I question.
Did I hear right?
Was that really for me?
It’s hard to hang on. I’m tired.
I want to move on.
Let go of it.
Flip the switch.
Forget it.
But I can’t.
It’s always there.
The promise. The desire of my heart.
Calling to me. Never letting me go.

So, I learn to turn my focus from the desired thing to doing the right thing.
I learn to focus on doing the Kingdom work.
Doing His work, His way.
He promises to take care of me.
He promises to take care of my needs.
I will guard my heart in the wait.
I will guard against doubt, anger, bitterness, hardness.
His time, His way
It is the best way
I will trust Him as I passionately wait.
It will be worth it.
And I will be transformed by the waiting.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” – Matthew 6:33 (NLT)


Dead Ends Are Not Always Dead Ends

One of our favorite ways to spend a day is down along the Coleman River in a remote part of our area. The one lane dirt road rambles along the river for miles. It travels past a few rustic campgrounds, fly fishermen, and children clamoring among the boulders. The road continues on through Tate City, population 32 (I’m not kidding). At the end of Tate City is a dead end. Or so it seems.
If you park your car and get out, you will find a trail. That trail leads to all kinds of wonderfulness.

It looked like a dead end.
It felt like a dead end.
It wasn’t until we got out and looked at it another way that we discovered our journey wasn’t over.
Dead ends are not always dead ends.

The job interview that ended in another landing the job.
The miscarriage.
Another doctor’s visit and still the unnamed illness.
The dissolved business.
The burned bridges brought on by the addiction.
The relationship that ended.

What seems to be a dead end is not always a dead end with God.
It is another step in the journey.
He doesn’t lead us somewhere to abandon us.
He is intentional.
When He guides us, every step has a purpose.
Even the painful, disappointing ones.
Many times we must be forced into considering another way of traveling, another perspective. It could be that He led you down the pathway so you could meet that person, develop that skill, or uncover that Truth.
Dead ends are not always dead ends when God is leading.
He promises us:

“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8

“The Lord will always make a way for His tired yet trusting children,
even if He must split the sea to do it.” -Robert Morgan

Lord, give us eyes to see, hears to hear and a heart that trusts you
even in the dark unknown.

m.bourlet 6.12.16